The horses

We are very proud of our horses at Four winds. They are well schooled and mannered so well suited to the job of a riding school.


WB 17 hands

Age: 15 years

Super boy who goes well on flat and loves jumping one for our more experienced clients




Age: 7

Height: 13.3hh

One of our new ponies suitable for novices or more experienced riders. He loves his jumping and is proving to be be very popular


Jack Frost

Breed: Welsh

Age: 13

Height: 14,1hh

A working livery who has just arrived at the riding school a super pony who can also work to a higher level.



Breed: Cob cross

Age: 14

Height: 14,1hh

Loves his riding school life.




Age: 19

Height: 15.3hh

A super all round horse who is suitable for riders of all levels. Is well schooled on the fl;at and loves to jump and hack. Before joining Four Winds Sam was an FEI driving horse.



Piebald gelding

12 hands super pony for riders of all levels


Breed: Dalescross

Age: 24

Height: 13hh

A great beginners pony who loves attention.

Merlot is now retired but still lives at Four Winds



Breed: TB X

Age: 14

Height: 16.1

Very poplar being suitable for all level of riders.

Beamish is well schooled on the flat and loves jumping.



Breed: TBX

Age 14

Height 16.1

Super horse for our more experienced riders loves jumping


Breed: Cob

Age; 15

Height; 15hh

A true gentlemen a type hard to find.


Breed: NA

Age; 18

Height; 14,3hh

A working livery who is great with RDA.



Breed; Throughbred

Age; 13

Height; 15,3hh

Aclever horse who loves his jumping.



Breed; Cob

Age; 16

Height; 16,0hh

The gentle giant of the yard good RDA and loves cross country.



Breed; NA

Age; 12

Height; 15,2hh

Loves jumping the bigger the better a great all rounder who loves attention.



Breed; Welsh

Age; 17

Height; 13hh

A child's dream pony that does anything you want.



Breed;New Forest

Age; 8

Height; 13.2hh

Turning intoa great riding school pony.



Breed;Irish draught cross

Age; 23

Height; 16,2hh

A good old boy who has taught hundreds of people to ride.


Breed; Cob cross

Age; 10

Height; 13,2hh

A real sweet pony who jumps and schools very nicely an all round pony.



Type Cob

Height 15.2

Age 12

Super little horse suitable for riders of all levels



Skewbald gelding

Age: 7 yrs

Height: 16.1hh

Super horse for our more experienced riders


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